This Season: Autumn 2012

I want to live more consciously in my seasons. So here are things I am planning to focus on and do this Fall. I would love to hear yours too ladies!

~Found some lovely DIY's so fitting for fall, a crochet poncho and beeswax candles-- I am thinking I can add essential oils to it too?

~Carving out more sacredness during the day and week, I think the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary is helping with this.

~Taking Dominee's Inner Journey for Stress/Anxiety has given me some huge wake up calls... I need to figure out what relieves stress for me, because I am not good at that at all.

~We just got a crock pot, so bring on the stews and ciders.... mmmmm

~I am currently writing an e-course and e-book for you lovely ladies focusing on our Moon-times and going within :)

What do you want to do this Autumn for your beautiful self?

Love and Autumnal Blessings.
Marissa Moondaughter

Ps. I am still having my sale this whole next week at my Etsy shop! Use the code: 'mabon2012' to receive 25% off! This includes my Follow Your Moon readings! The next readings are for the New Moon cycle starting October 15th!