Moon Days; Lady Moon

Lady Moon

Lyrics by Kellianna

Lady Moon shining in my window
Bathing me in silver light
I can't resist
She's calling out to me
Shed your fears and
Step into the night

Out my front door
To a magickal garden
That Lady Moon
She shined so bright
What wondrous joy
My coming to know you
Lady Moon you fill my life

Strange winds blew
Leaves floating around me
Change winds blew
It changed me that night
Something so deep
So deep down inside me
My life for you
Your daughter am I

Fire it burns
The fire surrounds me
flames climbing higher
and higher and higher
and higher they climb
Flames fueled with want
And fueled with desire
Flames lift me up
They lift me so high
Lady Moon


all of the above

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter