A Big Thank You


I just want to say thank you soooo so much for the love and support for my post yesterday. It felt so much better to get it off my chest and it got me out of the funk I had been in.

Thank you for letting me be human. I love you all so much.


So. I am letting you know tomorrow I am having a super fun DIY post from the lovely Tamber at Yellow Porch Light. I am super excited to share this!

I will  be launching my Follow Your Moon readings this next week along with a giveaway or two!! I will give more deets as it gets closer :)


Also in other news, I just dropped off my little Theo to get neutered today :( He has to be there all day and I am picking him up after work. Poor little guy. And yes, the picture above is Theo on his leash. Our street is super busy, and there are a lot of stray cats around so I try to monitor him the best I can. His lively spirit is so wild and he loves to be free so I try to accommodate to his needs. I am such a mother cat. Some people may think it's wrong or odd, but it works for us.

Thank you all so much!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter