Moon Days: Lunar Stones

Moon Day has arrived again, and I wanted to share with you some stones I work with on a regular basis. These stones are also associated with the Moon (of course I would be drawn to these stones) B-) so this will be a very fitting post for today!

I love moonstone. It is called moonstone because of its silvery, iridescent color and texture much like the Moon. It it receptive and ruled by water. It gives off a gentle and soothing energy and is known to help balance hormones and womens' cycles. If my monthly cramps are particularly acute I will place my moonstone over my Sacral chakra (a couple of inches just below your navel). I also place it under my pillow if I am having trouble sleeping. It can also help heal and balance any stomach or pancreas issues. A good time to use moonstone is the waxing and full moon.

Amethyst is also a great stone to work with. It is such an essential healing stone many, many, people use on a regular basis. It balances emotions and helps heal and balance all the chakras. It is a very protective stone and if you wear it or keep it with you on a regular basis, it will protect you from negative debris we pick up from others and daily stresses of life. If I need a pick-me-up I will rub it in my left (receiving) hand for a little extra focused energy. It is also a great complement to moonstone. The full moon is the best time to utilize all of Amethyst's power.

Rose quartz is one of my favorites to work with. It is known as the "love" stone and helps promote more love in your life. You can obviously use it to attract love from others, but because of its gentle nature it is great to use for self-love which I think is so so so so important. Probably one of the most important loves to cultivate! It helps heal and balance the heart chakra and gently opens this area up. I place my rose quartz on my heart while meditating sometimes if I need a little self-love boost. Rose quartz is best used during the waxing moon when trying to build more self-love for yourself.

I love love love these meditation beads. My lovely friend Kim from Red Moon Mama and also the jewelry designer of Scarlet Moon Designs made these lovely beads for me as a gift for Yule. I asked her to make me meditation beads associated with the moon and moon Goddesses.  And I could not have asked for anything more perfect. She named this piece Moon Mother Prayer Beads. She used moonstone, crystal quartz, and fresh water pearls. When she sent them over my way, she also wrote me to me about each stone she used so I have to share her beautiful words:

"Fresh water pearls are moon and water ruled. Due to these elements, pearls are balancing to emotions, especially to water signs. Pearls have a centering and calming action, and help attune one to the ebb and flow of life. Pearls also help one connect with the Goddess, the ultimate feminine energy. Pearls are very nurturing and can lessen stress, headaches, and exhaustion. Pearls balance and heal all chakras and helps in the search for higher wisdom and truth."

"Quartz crystal is also linked to the moon and is a stone of Light, bringing heightened spiritual awareness to whoever wears, carries, or meditates with it. Quartz crystal amplifies energy, stores power, enhances psychic ability, and absorbs negative energy. It has shown to enhance and strengthen the aura, and holding one in your hand, doubles your biomagnetic field. It is often used to cleanse, open, activate, and align all the chakras."

For more Goddessy, soulful prayer beads and jewelry visit Kim's shop Scarlet Moon Designs
I use my Mother Moon Prayer Beads while meditating and working with mantras. I always hold them in my left hand (receptive hand, usually whatever had you do not write with) and while passing each bead with my finger, I say a mantra. It is so soothing and so good for my soul.

So these are my usual stones I work with. What stones are your favorites and how do you use them? 

Also, my sweet readers, how do you like Moon Days so far? Do you have a questions or anything in particular you would like to know about Luna? I would love to know what you think!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter