Arizona Part 3: Sedona Part 1

I looooove Sedona. I didn't even have touch up these photos, the colors are so so vibrant My eyes were blown away. I have so many pictures of Sedona, I am splitting it up into two posts, and it's not even all of them! The town was so beautiful too, I got a few trinkets there (I will show them in another post!) and then we hiked up to Cathedral Rock. It kicked my butt!

The terrain was so amazing, we started by Oak Creek on a forest trail, but ended up rock climbing! I will show pictures of the creek in the next post. While we were hiking, I stopped to pull an oracle card and my card was the Weasel. Basically telling me to enjoy this moment and take it all in. Jimmy got the Wolverine. The last pictures are of us at the very top. We were enclosed by there rock towers, hence the name I am sure. I felt pretty victorious up there. It was such a fun day.

I am so happy you are all enjoying these pictures, it's not over yet!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter