Arizona Part 1: Flagstaff

Words cannot really capture what I experienced in Arizona. I am not even sure pictures can either. My whole life I have never really felt like I have had a true home. I grew up in Napa, moved down to Southern California, but it has all felt the same to me. I have often wondered if my soul would ever be content somewhere, and up to this point, I have accepted that my roots would never experience sinking deep into a "true home," whatever that meant anyway.

But Arizona. I can feel my roots seeking deeply there. There is something so majestic and spiritual in that region, I still cannot wrap my head around it. Maybe I am not supposed to; over-thinking is overrated anyway. Now that I am back, it is so painfully apparent how unrooted I really am here.It is hard to concentrate, and my soul longs to go back to that Wilderness. I truly miss that place. 

I must get back there, and I must live there one day. I am not sure when or how, but it will happen. For now I can share these pictures with you all. There are lots more to come from the Grand Canyon and Sedona.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter