5 Lessons I am Learning from Being Sick

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday was not a good day for me...My first day of school I got pretty sick with a  fever, sinus pressure, aches, sore throat, you name it. I don't get sick very often, but when I do it's not pretty. It was all I could do to just sit there in class, but I made it through. And it was only one class, so I can't complain.

Today I am feeling much better, still sinus-y and phlegm-y, but no more aches! I was planning to launch my new project all about gratitude tomorrow, but I think it will have to wait for the Full Moon instead. It will be perfect! And a great way to celebrate the Blue Moon! Keep a look out on Friday!


There are definitely lessons to learn from being sick, and I have to share my epiphanies I had yesterday:

*Listen to your body: This is a big one I struggle with. I feel more connected to my mental and spiritual bodies than my physical one by far. All day yesterday I was still trying to go my usual pace, but my body wouldn't do it. I was walking more slowly, talking more slowly, my reaction time was all off. So I had to go with it. Your body is in pain for a reason, so do what it tells you to. If you need to sleep, then sleep. Your body wants to be back to normal, so by listening to it you will recover quicker (from my experience anyway).

*Pause your to-do's: I was beating myself up all day yesterday, with all of my should's I needed to take care of, but honestly, can they wait a couple more days? Most likely yes. Obviously there are things that need to be done pronto, and you have to honor them (I wasn't going to not show up to my first day of school). But take a pause and relax. Your to-do's can wait while you heal.

*Compassion: If your friend, lover, or child was really sick would you be harping on them for not getting things done? Hopefully not, so why would you treat yourself any different? You deserve some healing time and your own love too, you know. And yes, I needed a reminder yesterday too.

*Physical nourishment: I find when I get sick, during those times I take waaaaay better care of myself than I do normally. I drink more water, I am more gentle with myself, I eat better. I should do that on a daily basis! Also, I hate taking medicine, but I must say Advil saved me yesterday. I swallowed my pride and took two, and the full body aches receded. I felt halfway normal again. So it is important to keep drinking water, and giving your body fuel so you can heal.

*ZZzzzZZZZzzzz: Sleeping is so important. I tend to forget that. I am one of those people who fight with sleep and wish we didn't need it. Just think of ALLL the things I could do if sleep didn't exist! Whatever. I need to get over it. And I was so so happy to crawl into bed and conk out last night (not to mention cuddles from my boy and sweet kitty), and your body does a lot of work while you are sleeping! A lot of healing takes place then! So I need to stop being prideful, and admit I need rest. We all do. Sleeping is vital for our health! Thank you sickness for reminding me of that.

Overall, my body was telling me to sllooooowwwww down. Okay I got it. I can't always do everything all at once even though I like to operate that way. Pausing is good. We need pauses and we need reminders. So I am grateful.


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Be healthy!
Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter