Namaste: Downward Kitty

Hello lovely readers, I have been trying to get back into a yoga routine for quite sometime, but alas, I am so lax about it. I should honor my body better!

The other day, I tried to do some yoga from one of my fave yoga DVD's by the Yoga Goddess Shiva Rea. Yoga Shakti is such a great, all encompassing yoga workout to have. I feel Shiva does a wonderful job at blending the body and spirit aspects together. Plus she is just gorgeous to watch!

I also read a little excerpt from A Year of Living Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater. There is a little devotional for each day, it's a great way to start your yoga session or day. Such a beautiful daily read. It gives you a quote, and a little exercise to do on the mat and in your daily life. July 13th's quote is:

"My words reflect my thoughts; my thoughts reflect my beliefs;and my beliefs run my life."

As I was yoga-ing, this little boy had to investigate and I was done for (especially trying to attack my hair in Downward Dog!). He is just too cute, so I had to take these pictures.

I am not giving up hope for a yoga routine! Life is a journey, so it will happen :) One of my dear dear friends will be posting up a yoga routine on here soon! So stay tuned, lovelies!

Have a great, relaxing, sweet summer weekend!

Marissa Moondaughter