Moon Days: Waning Moon

Hello Gorgeous souls! Today is Moon Day again, and now that the Full Moon has passed, She is in her Waning phase. Her light shines less and less in the 2 weeks after the Full Moon until She is resting in the shelter of her New Moon phase.

How does the waning energy affect you, dearest? Do you feel lethargic or irritable? That is okay if you do! Our energy ebbs and flows much like the Moon. However, everyone is different, so make note of your energy and emotions during each phase and see if a pattern emerges. I tend to feel crankier around this time, so I know what to expect and do what I can to neutralize it.

The Waning Moon is a great time to shed what is no longer serving you. This is an ideal time of the month to clean and donate any old items or clothing to start fresh for the new lunar month ahead. You can also concentrate on any old patterns of thought or behaviors you would like to get rid of.

A little releasing ceremony you can try is to write down a list of thoughts or patterns you would like to release. Put some time and though into this. After your list is completed, bury it (make sure it is eco-friendly, paper would be anyway, right?). After you have buried it, stand over the area (preferably with bare feet) and imagine those thoughts and patterns you are used to saying and doing. Really imagine them until you begin to feel them emotionally, notice if you tense up and where. Notice any images that come up for you. You can begin to silently chant:

"As the Moonlight wanes, I release these shadows that bind me."  

As you repeat these words, see these these images, the thoughts and patterns, sinking down your body and out of your feet being soaked up by Mama Earth. The Earth is taking these off your shoulders so you may be freer and lighter. The next couple of days you could also carry some hematite around with you; it is a very grounding and stabilizing stone.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

P.s. If you decide to do the releasing ceremony, I would love to her from you! Feel free to comment or email me at marissa(dot)moondaughter @ gmail(dot)com!