Moon Days: Hay Moon

Happy Moon Day!

Tomorrow is the Full Moon! The Full Moon is a time of celebration and reflection of your goals you set during the Waxing Moon phase. The Full Moon in July is also called Hay Moon, for the harvest season is about to begin! Harvest-ly speaking, as a society nowadays, we are not too in-tuned with the seasons in respects to our food. We do not farm as much or hunt or gather, but shop at a grocery store for our food needs. We haven't needed to follow the cycles of our fruits and veggies as closely (though some people still do), yet we depend on the harvest so much to feed our bodies. I feel it is grounding and nourishing to connect with our food in this way, and it brings us closer to the cycles of nature.

This Hay Moon, I would challenge you to think about your own harvest and where it is coming from. Some things that have been helping me:
  • Buy organic: it is a little more expensive but worth it. No pesticides + healthier soil = healthier plants that you are putting into your body!
  • Follow the seasons: eat what's in season and connect with Mama Earth (and it is cheaper). I am stocking up on mangoes for my yummy breakfast juice! Other fruits and veggies for summer are: melons, mango, peaches, nectarines, apricots, strawberries, sweet peppers, garden peas, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, there are plenty to choose from! 
  • CSA: look into Community Supported Agriculture. You get to buy beautiful baskets of organic fruits and veggies that are in season from your local organic farms. You pick up your baskets every other week and it is just a great way to support your community!
  • Farmers Markets: Check out the farmers markets in your area (each city or county, usually has one) and shop for local fruit and veggies there. When you buy local your fruits and veggies are more fresh!
I was pretty ill prepared going into my 10 day juice fast, so I am easing into it. I will definitely do a 10 juice fast in the near future. For now, I am striving for the above actions!

Now go celebrate your harvest, whatever it may be, with gratitude this Hay Moon!

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter