Inspirations: Catch a Dream

Ever so often I feel it is very necessary to post up some pictures that I find inspiring for my soul and imagination. 

I have a humble little shop on Etsy where I crochet. And I have been itching and dreaming of crocheting some dream catchers, and I think I need to make this a reality! As you can see from my hand drawn "moon catcher" on my header, I love dream catchers so here are some inspirations of mine:

The oh-so-lovely Laura over at Violet Bella makes thee most beautiful upcycled doily dream catchers over at her shop Roots and Feathers. This one is named Shae :) I love seeing her beautiful designs, and I will need to snag one for myself one day! I live over at her shop anyway!

I love the gem in the middle! Such a beautiful addition. You can find this dream catcher of many over at this Etsy shop.

The three pictures below, I found on Weheartit, so I do not know the actual sources . If you do, let me know!


Also, over at Laura's blog she wrote a lovely post about other inspiring artisans, go check it out :)

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter