Guest Post: The True Domestic Goddess by Dominee

Hello sweet Loves,

Today a wonderful friend of mine has come over here to teach us about the Goddess Hestia, of the home and hearth. My motto at the moment is "Messy bed, messy head," and I have definitely been feeling this way. My home is so off balanced and I feel so unmotivated to do anything about it, so I asked Dominee to help me out! I hope you all enjoy!


Hestia Greek Goddess of Hearth by Dion Hamill

I have always been fascinated by the Greek Goddess, Hestia, Goddess of the hearth and home. I think she first appealed to me as a teenager because I identified with her introverted nature. She was mysterious, she was known for her kindness and charity amongst the Gods, and unlike the other Goddesses there wasn't anything scandalous or even overly interesting about her. She was kind of like me, yet she was still a Goddess. I thought that was pretty great.

Hestia is also known for giving up her seat on Mount Olympus for the God Dionysus so that she could devote all of her time tending the sacred fires. Which speaks to her giving nature and her dedication to her duties.

It was tradition when moving into a new home to evoke Hestia and ask for her blessing. Often times, the Greeks would take the hearth fire flame from their old home and bring it to the new as a representation of Hestia's protection.

I first began to form a bond with Hestia in the midst of a very severe period of depression. I wasn't taking care of myself and all aspects of my life suffered. I lived by myself and as a result of my depression, I lost all will to tidy up or care about my surroundings. After a few months I finally found the will to clean.

And it felt good. It felt magical.

It was just a small spot in my living room but that spot of cleanliness and organization made me feel good. I realized that taking care of my surroundings was in essence allowing me to take better care of myself. I began to research ways to bring more of that magic into my home.

                                                                           Source: via Kaitlin on Pinterest

There are a few different ways to invite Hestia into your home:
  • Don't just clean, make it a sacred experience. Add things to your housekeeping routine that make you feel good and make it fun for you, listen to music or dance while you clean. Add essential oils to your cleaning supplies or put crystals around your home for protection or to create a happy atmosphere. 
  • Cleanse your surroundings of negative energies. Energies build up in our homes and can easily affect our moods. You can cleanse your space with sound, with incense, with prayer, and guided visualization. One of the most popular ways, and my favorite, is to use a bundle of sage and other herbs. Sage is easily found at any metaphysical shop and is wonderful at making your space vibrate with positive energy. 
  • You can also create a small altar to Hestia on top of your fireplace or in your kitchen. This represents the Hearth aspect. Light a candle there and ask Hestia to bless your home and to watch over your family. 
  • If you are having trouble finding the motivation to do chores try asking Hestia for assistance, she will give you just the push that you need to get housework done. Any activities that involve the home, such as cleaning, cooking, redecorating, can all benefit from a touch of Hestia Magic. 

Invite the warm, loving, constant, flame of her love into your life.

Happy home-making!

Dominee at is a self-love advocate, encouraging women to love themselves, their bodies, and each other. She is a Life Coach, Blogger, Aroma- and Crystal therapist and she uses her unique outlook on life to help others embrace wholeness and wellness as well as learn how to love themselves.

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Thank you so much Dominee!! I really needed to hear this post, and I am going to try all of your suggestions!

May Hestia bless all our hearths and homes!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter