Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Today we get the most sun rays of the year, before the sun slowly descends into hibernation for the Winter. The cycles of the Sun and Moon never cease to amaze me... sigh. I will definitely be getting out of the house and enjoying the sun (our room we rent does not even have a window for the sun to come in!)

I like S I M P L E when it comes to celebrating the Wheel of the Year. On my spiritual path, I have never done any elaborate rituals, but simple ones instead. Some simple ways to connect to the Summer Solstice (or Litha) are:

  • Go outside and bask in the Sun. Feel the Sun's rays lighting you up from the inside. Meditate on this for as long as you like.
  • Pick some Sunflowers and bring the Sun into your home!
  • Heading out to the beach is a great way to start the Summer.
  • If you have to stay inside today, light a candle and thank the Sun, Apollo, Great Spirit, Goddess, whoever you call Divine, for the Sun's warmth and blessings this Summer will bring.

Yesterday was also a New Moon, and how fitting to create a new venture with the launch of my blog and new website design! I added a cool Chakra Guide and ebook to my FREE Offerings page, so do check them out!

This New Moon is also in Gemini, and I am no astrologer by any means, so I rely on Moon Circles for my Moon Astrology knowledge. Dana wrote a great New Moon in Gemini article here.

With that, I think I will head outside and feel the Sun's warmth on my skin :) Have a Happy Summer Solstice!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter