Moon Days: Waxing Moon

Hello Dear Ones! I have officially labeled Mondays, as Moon Days (corny, I know) to celebrate the Moon, learn about Her cycles and to help you find your unique relationship with Her! Yay!

Some may ask, "Why is this important, Moondaughter?" Well, it is my own personal belief, that women are closely connected with the Moon. The Moon affects the natural world, through the tides of the ocean, animal  mating and migrations, as well as the growth of plants, so why wouldn't She affect us humans? We are made up of at least 70 percent of water, so She must have some sway on us. Plus, our menstruation cycles follow (or used to anyway, before technology and hormonal contraceptives) the monthly cycles of the Moon. I believe when we strive to follow these natural cycles more closely; we connect with ourselves more deeply; we connect with nature more sacredly; and we live in a more healthy way. It sounds like a win-win situation to me!

Right now the Moon is waxing, meaning growing to fullness. The crescent is usually pointing to the left and this phase roughly lasts for two weeks. The energy is buzzing right now and will build up to the Full Moon.  Some people feel wonderful during this phase, with high energy and motivation, while others may feel too antsy or anxious. Take note how you feel this week until the Full Moon on July 3rd.

Personally, I am pretty motivated at the moment. A lot of ideas brew for me during this phase, sometimes it can get overwhelming! The Waxing Moon is a great phase to tackle projects you want to get done, and plan for any new ventures and goals you may have. So get creating!

You may want to start a Moon journal to track your journey with following your own Moon :)

How do you feel during this Waxing Moon, dear souls?

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter