An Intro of Sorts

Hello gentle souls! My name is Marissa and thank you for finding my little corner of the web! I am so excited to be entering the blogging world, so thank you for joining me!

I live in sunny Southern California with my boyfriend and our little kitten Theo. When I am not busy taking classes ( I am chipping away at my masters degree in Museum Studies), you will find me daydreaming, reading, crocheting, creating, watching movies, enjoying my friends and family ( I am a homebody, for sure) and connecting with the Divine

I intend this blog to be a sanctuary for myself and anyone who wanders in here. I will posts my inspirations, soulful musings, and anything that is nurturing for my soul. I hope to nurture yours as well.

A huge, important part of me is my connection with the Moon. I love Her and I follow Her cycles closely. I feel I am a daughter of the Moon, hence, Moondaughter. But I also believe every woman is a daughter of the Moon. We are connected with her ebb and flow, waxing and waning. The more we follow her, the more we connect with the Goddess within us; our beautiful, intuitive, sage woman inside of ourselves.

I have big beautiful dreams for this blog to connect with women on a soul level. May this sanctuary ignite your souls and help illuminate your paths.

Love and blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter