Take a Guided Visualization of your own Fool's Journey

The Tarot reminds us we are all fools on our own journeys. The Fool begins the Tarot and takes a journey through the archetypal life lessons of the Major Arcana.  

Starting on the Full Moon of October 18th, you will receive:

  • daily emails for 22 days taking you through your own self-transformational Tarot journey.
  • There will be a private meditation room that contains all your audio meditations for each card
  • along with journal prompts to help you navigate.

I base my meditations off my personal favorite cards the Vision Quest Tarot, however these meditations are universal for any tarot deck you own.

This is apart of the Tarot Journey so do not sign up for this if you are apart of the CMP training or tarot course, it will be included in your training. However, if you do not want the full training and are looking for an affordable option to work with Tarot this is for you!

During check out, please indicate what email address you wish the daily emails to go to! 

22 Meditations: Major Arcana


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