For Every Season... Turn, Turn, Turn...

Follow the Moons Around the Wheel of the Year

I am offering affordable e-course packages, following the moons and seasons.

Each package includes 2 e-courses:

A Seasonal Lunar Flow & Seasonal E-course

(Please note: if you have already taken Lunar Flow, seasonal e-books will be available) 

::Currently underway::

Starting on the

New Moon December 2nd...

we prepare our Winter Skin in Lunar Flow, welcoming Grandmother Crone  under the Wolf Moon.

We then explore the power of crystal healing - the bones of Mother Earth on an 6 week journey through Stone Medicine

January 20th - March 3rd. 

3 moons :: 2 e-courses for $77

wolf moon :: cold moon :: storm moon


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When the Moon is New

on March 1st 2014... 

 we shed our layers and transform as the Maiden, welcoming the renewal of Spring under the Seed Moon. 

We then realign and balance our chakras, learning to heal our auras and create vibrant energy for 7 weeks through Chakra Rhythm

April 7th - May 21st. 

3 moon :: 2 e-courses for $77

seed moon :: planting moon :: flower moon

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Beginning on the New Moon

May 28th...

you do not have to be pregnant or a be a mother to feel the fertility of the land in the Summer season. Lunar Rhythms will be exploring our relationship with our sensuality and summer skin under the Honey Moon.

On the Full Hay Moon we will dive into our senses and take a 5 week journey with the elements through the wild course Elemental.

July 12th - August 16th 2014

3 moons :: 2 e-courses for $60

honey moon :: hay moon :: harvest moon

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Under the New Moon

on August 25th... 

Lunar flow will unfold under the Harvest moon as we prepare for the Autumn season and going within our shadow land. 

Then we embark on the mysterious walk of the Fool's journey through the tarot. This is an active 12 week course to build a deep connection and friendship with your deck. We will explore these cards under the darker moons.

October 1st - December 28th 2014

4 moons :: 2 e-courses for $111

singing moon :: blood moon :: dark moon :: wolf moon