Your Mythic Story: 

A Monthly Tarot Workshop Series with Moondaughter and Hannah Jurado at Stella Luna Yoga

 High Priestess ::  Katelyn Demidow Photography

Develop your tarot landscape in this 12 month Tarot Series. Explore the creative and mythic realms and learn how the tarot can alter and shift our consciousness. Go beyond memorizing and interpreting the meanings of each card and develop your personal story with the tarot archetypes and symbols of the psyche.

We embark on our journey Sunday  Jan. 28th: 2-5pm

Stella Luna Yoga Studio

CA 90630


Sign up below or register Online at Stella Luna 

You can also register in person at the studio!

$60 for a single class

$150 for 3 Classes

$300 for 6 classes

We will meet once a month on Sundays from 2-5 pm at Stella Luna Yoga Studio. We will also set up a private Facebook Group to stay connected while we connect with the Tarot throughout the month. 

January 28th: Your tarot Landscape

Begin the relationship and devotion with your deck; Build the foundations. Learn how to cleanse and define the landscape of your the journey.

Feb 25th: Tarot Zodiac.

Learn about your Tarot Birth card and how it can become your ally. Integrate traditional zodiac to your modern tarot practice.

March 18th: Crystals and Numerology

This week, learn how numerology is used within the tarot to go deeper into your readings. We will also focus crystal healing and how you can work with crystals in your readings, especially the pentacle suit! 

April 22nd: Tarot and the Elements

Explore the elemental realms: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth within the tarot and within your own life.

May 27th: The Court cards

e Court Cards are the major players of the Tarot. Learn about their unique personalities and how to read them in your spreads!

June 24th: Meet your Inner Child

his week delves into the Sword suit and how we can use the swords as a tool to go inward and bring healing to our Inner chil

July 22nd:: Intuitive Flow

Connect with the Cups suit and tap into your intuition with your Water all.

August 26th: Tarot Predictions

earn to make predictions with the tarot cards for more accurate readings!

September 23rd: The Fool's Journey

Step into the mythic world of the Major Arcana and learn about the Fool's journey 

October TBD: The Phoenix Cycle

Learn about the Phoenix cycle through the journey of the fire sui and the cycles of the Tarot

November TBD: Tarot and the Moon

Learn how the Tarot is affected by the moon cycle and create readings aligned with the cosmos!

December: TBD: Tarot Vision Board

s we complete the series, share your Tarot landscape and your Tarot story to create a tarot vision board to manifest your dreams for 2019!

Upcoming Workshops

Crystal 101 Class At BellaBar!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm PDT

BellaBar, 8295 E Monte Vista Rd Suite B, Anaheim, CA 92808, USA

Crystals are powerful tools for growth and expansion. In this workshop, Marissa will guide you through the different realms of crystal healing and how to work with your gemstones for your highest good. Come learn about different crystals, how to cleanse them, use them for healing and balancing your energy, and learn to activate a crystal grid! 

Marissa Moondaughter has been working with crystals for over 7 years and is a Certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master. She loves sharing this earth wisdom and is so happy to bring it to the community! In this fun workshop expect to:

  • Connect in Sisterhood with your crystals
  • Learn about Crystal Healing
  • Learn to cleanse your crystals
  • learn to create and activate a crystal grid!
  • Receive a crystal bag!

Feel free to bring any crystals you have!

Interested in Booking Moondaughter?

If you are local to the Southern California area and are interested in a workshop or private session with me, I would love to connect with you! My offerings:

  • Crystal Workshops
  • Moon Workshops
  • Tarot Workshops or lessons
  • Chakra Workshops
  • Crystal healing sessions
  • Private lessons/coaching
  • Yoga will be offered soon too!

If any of these call to you, please email me at:

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