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Ongoing New Moon Circles at Unfold Yoga

Moon Priestess :: Katelyn Demidow Photography

Save the Dates!

2016 New Moon's

Times are subject to change:

4/7: Thursday: 6:30pm
5/6: Friday: 6:30pm
6/4: Saturday: 4pm
7/4: Monday: 6:30pm
8/2: Monday: pending
9/1: Thursday: 6:30pm
10/30: Sunday: 2pm
11/29: Tuesday: 6:30pm
12/28: Wednesday: 6:30pm

Most gatherings are at the Unfold Yoga Annex unless otherwise stated

(The Annex is located in the back parking lot in the left corner)

Pre-registration is highly desirable so I can have an accurate head count for activities for each circle. Of course, walk-ins are always welcome, but if you know you will be going to a gathering please let me know and sign up below:

$15 for each gathering 

$10 for Unfold members


The Moon is an amazing guide to work with to help us direct our energies into our dreams and desires. She is our closest celestial being and she affects our energy more than we know! I am so honored to be hosting New and Full Moon circles at Unfold Yoga! We will learn to honor the Moon in our lives and reconnect with ourselves.

What you can expect from our gatherings as they grow and evolve:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Intention setting
  • Crystal healing
  • Potlucks!
  • Sacred arts and crafts
  • learning to Moon chart
  • Lunar Astrology
  • Oracle and tarot readings
  • Sisterhood and friendship
  • Yoga
  • And so much more!



>>> Please feel free to bring your yoga mat, your crystals, or any other sacred items of yours, and wear comfortable clothes <<<

>>> unless otherwise notified! <<<

Due to the ever changing Moon cycle, the dates will always be different depending on where the New and Full Moon lands (check the dates above). The rest of the times are yet to be determined due to studio/annex availability. They will always most likely be in the evenings under the moonlight though :) Sign up below to make sure you always get the latest news for each gathering and extra tips and tricks to work with the moon throughout the month!

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Previous Workshops

Are  you local to Southern California, or LA or Orange County area?

Join Moondaughter in her FIRST Live Workshop:

Crystal Energy!

Crystals are powerful tools for growth and expansion. In this workshop, Marissa will guide you through the different realms of crystal healing and how to work with your gemstones for your highest good. Come learn about different crystals, how to cleanse them, use them for healing and balancing your energy, and make your very own crystal essence! Each person will receive a hand written book from Marissa with 60 crystal references as well as a bag of crystals! Feel free to bring your own crystals as well!

Marissa Moondaughter has been working with crystals for over 5 years and is a Certified Crystal Healer. She loves sharing this earth wisdom and is so happy to bring it to the community at Unfold Yoga! She currently teaches mystical classes online, including her crystal e-course Stone Medicine.

  • Connect in Sisterhood with your crystals
  • Perform a Cleansing ceremony
  • Learn about Crystal Healing
  • Balance your chakras through a guided body grid and meditation
  • Create your own personalized crystal essence
  • Receive a booklet on crystals and a crystal bag!

Interested in Booking Moondaughter?

If you are local to the Southern California area and are interested in a workshop or private session with me, I would love to connect with you! My offerings:

  • Crystal Workshops
  • Moon Workshops
  • Tarot Workshops or lessons
  • Chakra Workshops
  • Crystal healing sessions
  • Private lessons/coaching
  • Yoga will be offered soon too!

If any of these call to you, please email me at: