What are chakras?

We are all made of energy. Our atoms buzz together to create this energy we know as the human body. Our body then produces energy and this is where the chakras come into play.  The word chakra is Sanskrit and means ‘wheels of light.’ From these wheels of light we are taking in and releasing significant energy from our body. Western society is very new to this concept and way of understanding our body. Eastern medicine takes the energies of the chakras into serious consideration for overall health and has created and crafted the knowledge of what we know of the chakras for thousands of years. We can learn so much from these subtle energies within and without us.

There are seven main chakras (there are also a lot of other smaller chakras we will not be focusing on) that run along our spine. The spinal cord is the main channel for our nervous system to power our entire body with signals and messages from the brain. It is no surprise our main energy wheels run along this path. Each chakra governs an area of the body and the emotions, sensations, and functions that go with this area.

Root chakra – base of the spine; red energy; skeletal system, testes/ovaries, feet/lower body; survival, primal energy, family, trust, material wealth, sustenance, nourishment

Sacral chakra – womb/lower abdomen region; orange energy; adrenals, reproductive organs, hips, hormonal cycle; sexuality, emotions, intimacy, creativity, sensuality

Solar chakra – solar plexus/upper abdomen region; yellow energy; pancreas, intestines/GI tract, muscular system; will power, confidence, energy, motivation, aggressiveness, strength

Heart chakra – chest/heart space; green energy; heart, circulatory system, lungs; love, compassion, giving and receiving, relationships, boundaries

Throat chakra – neck/throat; light blue energy; thyroid, vocal cords, mouth/teeth, lymphatic system; communication, self-expression, authenticity, independence

Third-eye – Forehead; indigo energy; sinuses, eyesight/eye balls, hearing/ears, frontal lobe; imagination, intuition, intelligence, memories

Crown chakra – Top of the head; violet energy; brain, pineal gland, nervous system; enlightenment, spirituality, contemplation, unity, merging conscious/sub-conscious, ego

Whatever you are receiving into a chakra whether it is from you and your thoughts, other people and environmental stimulation, good or bad, your chakra will take in and exude this energy. Chakras are delicate and need to be restored back to balance every so often. If we are taking in too many stressors we are either blocking or over stimulating our energy which will cause imbalance in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. When our chakras are in alignment everything just seems to flow! This is why it is so important to create a holistic practice (addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental healing) around our energy and chakras instead of simply popping a man-made chemical pill and covering the symptoms of our ailments. Balance is key.

The Auras

Our chakras create energy and their own energy fields around our bodies. These subtle energy fields are known as the auras. We are creating our own atmosphere essentially. Have you ever been so drawn to someone because you just feel the positivity and happiness radiating from them? Or have you been so turned off by someone and you don’t exactly know why? You are sensing their auras – one has a brightly buzzing aura, and the latter has a darker aura. Everything we encounter in our day to day lives is filtered through our auras first. If our aura is weak, stressors can easily attach to our aura and drain our energy, but if we keep our auras bright and strong we can handle life with more ease. By balancing the source of our auras – the chakras – we will affect all our subtle energy. Subtle energy is something we can feel, but usually cannot be seen unless we are really open to it. We know electromagnetic energy is around us though we cannot see it and colors have their own wavelengths though we cannot necessarily see the waves.

There are seven layers corresponding with each chakra:

Etheric body/Food sheath – Root chakra – red energy – our sensations/physical health

Emotional body/Vital body – Sacral chakra – orange energy – emotional reactions/old baggage

Mental body – Solar chakra – yellow energy – gut reaction/motivation/ego-driven

Higher Mental body/intellectual sheath – Heart chakra – green energy – lower and higher chakra/auras merge – this is where we find our place/relationships in the world and cosmos

Spiritual body – Throat chakra – turquoise energy – Associated with Divine will/messages/ truthful communication

Causal body/ Higher self – Third-eye – indigo energy – connection with spirit world/ our higher self and intuition/ mastery over ego-mind

Ketheric/ God body – Crown chakra – violet energy – connection to collective conscious of the cosmos/ enlightenment and cosmic love

Tarot Spread: Chakra Layout

This is a great way to get a feel for your chakras before we dive into each one more deeply. Each card will represent one chakra and if it is reversed, it means there is an imbalance or blockage in that energy center. Keep in mind any themes, colors, and stories that stand out to you in your reading. Place a picture in the group for more insight if you have any questions!

  1. Root: I am: This is the foundation of our whole being. Family issues, trust issues, security and survival, living in fear, money and financial issues, materialism, our connection to the earth & our body
  2. Sacral: I feel: Emotions, sexual energy, fertility and women's issues, women's mysteries, Goddess/divine feminine, Moon connections, creativity, self-worth, inner world
  3. Solar: I do: Yang energy, Sun connections, will-power, confidence, action, obtaining abundance, manifesting our goals, anger issues, leadership, creativity 
  4. Heart: I love: Love, self love, being open to love, relationships, giving love, healing, connection to nature, air element, connection to our breath, forgiveness, compassion
  5. Throat: I speak: Self-expression, speaking your truth, listening to others, open mindedness, communicating well with others, ability read to others
  6. Third-eye: I see: Imagination, intuition, focus and concentration, self-awareness, psychic powers, ability to see through peoples agendas and intentions
  7. Crown: I know: Connection to Divine, connection to humanity and the universal subconscious, connection with spirit guides/angels, enlightenment, inner peace, openess, present in the now  
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