Spread Abundance and earn 'Moon'ey!

2014 is the year of Abundance and I want to share and giveback for all the amazing support I receive!

I am offering 15% commission for helping me spread the word for my e-courses!

E-courses offered in the Moondaughter Affiliate program:

  • Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

  • Lunar Flow

  • Stone Medicine

  • Chakra Rhythm

  • Tarot Journey

  • Maiden Package

  • Gypsy Package

  • Crone Package (registration currently closed)

So many paths to create abundance! Each Full Moon I will send you 'moon'ey for the past moon cycle. (ex. the February Full moon, I will pay your for January, and so on)

Becoming an affiliate is super easy. Simply click the phrase below and follow these simple steps: 

Once you are on the E-junkie site:

  1. Select "get affiliate code"
  2. Select Merchant : MOONDAUGHTER and select: 'get affiliate code'
  3. Select the courses you want to promote. {TIP: All my courses have HOP links, linking it back to my website - any hop link can be used for any of my courses in the affiliate program and you will earn 'mooney' for each e-course sold!}
  4. Your Hop link will be inside the code E-junkie recommends. You can use the code as is, or just copy the link :)

Now that you are a Moondaughter affiliate! Share!

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I will be making an affiliate kit very soon!

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